Firm Fitness weight loss pills

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Firm Fitness weight loss pills
Firm Fitness weight loss pill is The trustful weight losing product,which Contain bunge cherry seed and konjak, effectively improve the function of intestine,quickly eliminate toxin,remove surplus fat;chicken's gizzard-membrane can promote digestion,consume surplus fat;ginseng and lucid ganoderma are the beauty care product,enjoy beauty and body care effect with one product. 
Firm Fitness Main Ingredients:Bunge cherry seed,konjak,chicken's gizzard-membrane,radices polygoni multiflori,ginseng and lucid ganoderma
Functional Ingredient and Content of Firm Fitness weight loss pills:every 100g contains:total saponins 0.081g,coarse amylase 0.07g

Firm Fitness Function on Health Care:lose weight
Availability:Women suffer from single adiposity after giving child
Unavailability:Children,ladies during pregnant or lactation period
Usage:1 time a day,2 pills each time
Specification:0.4g/pill *60
Period of Validity:24 months

Storage:Store under shade and dry environment after sealing
Cautions:This product can’t substitute medicine
Health Permit Code:GD•FDA Health Foods Certificate No.(2004) 010W0067
Authorization Document Code:Health Foods No.(2002)0408
Authorized Producer:Shaanxi Feite Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer:Guangzhou Mignfu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Firm Fitness weight loss pills

Slogan:The trustful weight losing product

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