France Health Slimming Coffee

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France Health Slimming Coffee
Thin coffee scientific formula,in the full complement of physical energy at the same time burning excess fat, effective way to boost the body metabolism, promote blood circulation, speed up the fat cells burning, timely removal of toxic substances, to relieve the body nerves, tightened after the superfluous to the skin, Firming reached, the dual role of repair type.

The main ingredients:
Speed capacity of coffee, Ganoderma spore powder, rose powder, cassia seed, such as dietary fiber.

Taking methods:
Breakfast or lunch daily 15 minutes before using it, a pack a day; will be immersed in a pack of coffee 80-100ml of hot water, stirring to evenly drinking.

Weight loss:
After a week drinking in general can be reduced to five pounds, the appropriate control diet or increase physical activity, better; thin very rapidly and that the effect of coffee, no side effects and dependence.

Specification:10g × 20 packs / box

Appropriate to the crowd:
Various types of obesity and body shape are perfect for the requirements of persons (pregnant women and children, disabled)

France Health Slimming Coffee

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