Indian Stud Horse

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Indian Stud Horse Male Enhancement Pills
Indian Stud Horse is for Male Sexual enhancement,which have 8 grains per Box.
Ingredients: Fresh and healthy yak testicles, horse testicles,Tibetan mastiff testicles, penis otariae, sheep penis, penis of ox,Chinese caterpillar fungus, Tianshan snow lotus and other traditional Chinese medicine.

india stud horse pills
Indian Stud Horse Sex enhancement Work Characters:
1,Indian Stud Horse could help male who have sex problem as follows:
The penis tiny,the sexual impotence few essences,no energy,the vertigo tinnitus,the nerve tired,the frequent micturition urine is anxious,wet dream,the prostatitis.
2,One Indian Stud Horse about in vivo sustainable 180 hours,has under the natural environment in 12 hours to be able rapidly to erect.
3,Hypertension and heart blood vessel of brain disease don't influence.
Usage:Orally take one grain 10-30 minutes before you need.
Storage:Keep in cool and dry place.
Specification: 2500mg*8 grains
1.The minor,pregnant women,breast-feelding women cann't take this product;
2.Place in a place that the children cann't touch them.
Guarantees the nature time:3 years
Production date: See the instruction booklet
Indian Stud Horse China Professional Wholesale & retail Supplier:eDayDiet.

Indian Stud Horse Male Enhancement Pills

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