LOVER Sex Drops

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LOVER Sex Drops

Female Libido Enhancer Liquid 

Philandering, shooting in the enrapt fire condition.
Releasing your heartthrob and impassion, Overreaching Mutual Loving Limit.
Releasing and unbinding set free your impassion popple wildly.
6ml * 8 boxes

lover sex drops

Description of LOVER Sex Drops

Adopting the advanced scientific research formula developed by the gainer of the Nobel prize of GERMANY, doctor, and made with extra care.
This product can bring intensely stimulation to women for the feeling of sex appeal in 5 minutes. Increasing vagina secretion, and even inflating breast, it fully activate the strong sex desire women to man .
Aiming at the treatment to women who are sex reaction slowness, sex coldness, vagina dry during sexual intercourse and other symptoms, this product has great effect to all those symptoms, which is a great favor of GERMANY women as a holy product of intensely hastening passion.

[Usage and Dosage]: Orally take one piece each time, without color taste, quickly absorbed in any wine or drinks.

[Note]: Do not take it unless in sexual intercourse and children are not allowed to use it. Only one piece is taken each time. It is not allowed to use it for inducing girls.

[Specification]: 6mg/piece* 8 pieces

[Storage]: keep it in shade and dry environment

Shelf life: 3 years

Guangzhou kangli Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd

LOVER Sex Drops

Female Libido Enhancer Liquid

Each box contains 8 small boxes.

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LOVER Sex Drops

LOVER Sex Drops

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