Lulanjina Abdomen Slimming Cream

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LULANJINA Abdomen Slimming Cream

LULANJINA abdomen slimming cream use unique fat burning formula, rich in powerful weight loss ingredients:Western Africa natural plant pulled coffee fruit (JOLA) extract. the essence of Lulanjina abdomen slimming cream penetrate through the skin to the subcutaneous fat layer, the fats into fatty acids and water soluble, excreted by the fluid circulation to achieve the objective of eliminating excess abdominal fat.
Ingredients:Quick burning fat element, plant west of endorphins, theophylline, threonine, and other factors effect on expeling fat.
Side effect: After the heat generated by lipolysis, heat released through the skin, so after use will be from inside to outside the feeling of persistent fever.
Application Crowd:
Abdominal obesity, waist over 18 years old, relaxation persons,
Men and women both can be used,
Women who need to restore shape can also be used for postpartum women

lulanjina abdomen slimming cream

Usage:Use every morning and evening, directly with the arm, abdomen, legs and other parts, with the palm spread, cruising gently massage until absorbed by the skin

Net weight: 110g
Shelf life: three years
Production License: XK 16-108 6359
Health permit: (2004) WZZZ 29-XK-2551
Executive Standard: QB/T1857-2004

LULANJINA Abdomen Slimming Cream

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