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Shoufsy (Shoufsy diet pills,Shoufsy Activity Girl Diet Pills)

Shoufsy diet pills,Shoufsy for short, is one of best diet pills that really work,which was made in Guangzhou,China. Shoufsy diet pills could slim abdomen and waist.

Kindly please notice:Shoufsy Diet pills Foil have changed at the begin of 2011,If we don't have your special illustration,we will ship the new foil package Shoufsy.

100% Authentic,100% herbal and healthy,100% security,100% fast shipping,Or we accept 100% refund.

Shoufsy diet pills have outstanding effect on the persistence of a bucket for the waist. The unique of Shoufsy diet pills ingredients can cut fat,burn excess fat, cure intractable constipation, help people who want to loss weight obtaining a smooth bulging of belly.Besides,Shoufsy diet pills can slim waist, tight buttocks Alice,slender waist.Moreover,Shoufsy diet pills can make somebody tall and charming. 

Authentic Shoufsy Diet Pills 2011 Foil Picture,Click "More About This" See more about Shoufsy Diet Pills Details

shoufsy diet pills 2011

Ingredients: chitin, L-carnitine, gingko, balsam pear extract, dietary cellulose, Fu-fun.

Functions: Aim at the unprogressive water pail waist,reduce the meat,burn the surplus fat,cure for good unprogressive sex constipation,make the drum belly small and flat.Beside,it is not the dream getting slender waist,tight hip and charming shape.

 Specification: 400mg*30 pills

Usage method: once a day, each one pill, before or after breakfast with the warm water.

Approval No.: Wei Jian(1998), No. 0099

Performance standards:QB1998-16  Security code

Storage:Cool and dry place to store.

Shoufsy diet pill and XLtuisl diet pill are named two weight loss cowries.

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Shoufsy Diet Pills FAQ

Ask: What's the difference for Shoufsy new foil and old foil?

Edaydiet answer: Shoufsy new foil add original logo on the surface of Shoufsy diet pills foil,and a little change on the outside box.The ingredients of New and Old Shoufsy diet pills nearly the same.

Ask: Could you still offer Shoufsy Diet Pills old version?

Edaydiet answer: We could still offer Shoufsy Diet Pills Old version,but we will ship Shoufsy Diet Pill new version if we don't have special illustration from our customers.

Ask:Could Edaydiet offer free shipping for wholesale Shoufsy diet pills? and how long will take from i order?

Edaydiet answer: We could offer free shipping when your order total payment up to Usd 150,and it will take 5=7 working days for delivering to most of countries customers normally.

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